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Supply of medical store item - dexamethasone sodium phosphate 4.4 mg (equivalent to dexamethasone phosphate 4 mg/ml) 2 ml inj, s-amlodipine 5mg tab, tab metoprolol tarterate 50 mg, tab metoprolol xl 25 mg, metoprolol- extended release 50 mg, tab prazosin 2.5 mg sustained release/slow release, tab prazocin 5mg sustained release/sl;ow release tab, tab ramipiril 5 mg, perindopril 4mg tab, anticaries fluoride gel containing sodium fluorid/stannous fluoride bott/tube/ of 120 ml or gm, clobetasol propionate cream 0.05% in tube of 10 gm, mometasone 0.1% tube of 10 gm, mupirocin 2% oint tube of 5 gm, salicylic acid 3-5% + coal tar 1-3% scalp solution bott of 100 ml, chloroxylenol solution potassium hydroxide-13.6 gm, chlaroxylenon solution 50.5gm, oleic acid-7.5ml castor oil -63.0gm, terpineal-100 ml, ethanol (96%)-200 ml purified water freshly boiled & cooled to produce 1000 ml also acceptabl chloraxylenol-4.5 - 5.5 , chlorhexidine solution containing chlorhexidine gluconate bp 7.5 % vv, cetrimide bp 15 %w/v, 500 ml bott, sucralfate sus 1 gm /5ml bott of 200 ml, inj human insulin analogue premix insulin lispro 25% and 75% insulin lispro protamine susp inj,100iu/ml (monocomponent insulin, rdna origin) in 3ml pfs/pfp, doxylamine succinate 10mg usp+pyridoxine hydrochloride 10 mg ip tab, insulin premixed biphasic 40 iu per ml (30% human neutral plus 70% human isophane insulin), 10 ml inj, thyroxine sodium 0.1 mg tab, alendronate sodium 70 mg tab, alfacalcidol vit d3 0.25 mg cap, tab betahistine dihydro chloride 8 mg.., tab naproxen 250 mg, diazepam 10 mg, 2 ml inj., tab dutasteride 0.5mg, tab thyroxin 50 mcg, erythropoietin recombinant human 4000 iu., xylometexlline hcl 0.05% w/v nasal solution for paed use bott of 10 ml., cefixime syp 50 mg/5 ml bott of 30 ml, levo salbutamol syrup 1 mg/5ml bott of 100 ml, paroxetine xl 12.5, tab, etophyllin 115 mg and theophylline 35 mg in slow release , levo - salbutamol aerosol inhalation pack of 200 metered doses (each metered dose supplies 50 mcg of levo - salbutamol), syrup codeine phosphate 10 mg + chlorphenaramine maleate 4 mh per 5 ml bott of 100 ml, syrup terbutaline sulphate 1.25 mg + bromphexine hcl 2- 4 mg + guaphenesin 50 mg per 5 ml bott of 100 ml, inj multivitamin iv 2-10 ml with minimum constituents having thiamine (b1)-30 mg/ml, pyridoxine (b6) 30 mg/ml and (b12) cynocobalamin-300mcg/ml having thiamine b1 30 mg/ml pyridoxine (b6) 30 mg/ ml and b12 cynacobalamine 333 mcg in 1 ml, budesonide 0.5 mg respules, salmeterol 25mcg +fluticasone 250mcg rotacap pack of 30, levo - salbutamol 50 mcg + ipratropium 20 mcg metered dose inhaler, 200 dose units, levo - salbutamol 1.25mg plus ipratropium 500 mcg respule, in 2.5 ampule, hydroxychloroquin 200 mg tab, tab etoricoxib 90 mg, amoxycillin trihydrate ip equivalent to amoxycillin 875mg + pot clavulanate ip (as pot clavulanate diluted ip) equivalent to clavulanic acid 125 mg (875 mg & 125 mg), amoxycillin clavulanic acid syp in each 5ml of the reconstituted susp contains amoxycillin trihydrated 230 mg equivalent to amoxycillin 200 mg pot clavulanate ip 34 mg ( as pot clavulanate diluted ip ) equivalent to clavulanic acid 28.5 mg 30 ml bott ,(2 , antacid (chewable) containing dried aluminium hydroxide ip 250 mg mag hydroxide nf 250 mg, methyl polysiloxane 50mg tab, inj iohexol 300 mg/ml in vial of 50 ml, tab azathioprine 50 mg, acenocoumarol 4 mg tab, tab perindopril 8 mg, ketoconazole cream 2% 30g tube, antispasmodic tab containing mefenamic acid 250 mg & dicyclomine hcl 10 mg, fluticasone propionate 50 mcg bp nasal spray, tab linezolid 600 mg tab, azelastine + fluticasone furoate nasal spray 0.10% w/v, bott, cefpodoxime proxetil 200mg tab, cefuroxime susp 125mg/5ml bott of 30ml, fluvoxamine 50 mg cap, mirtazapine 15 mg tab, tab aripiprazole 10 mg, tab diclofenac sodium 50 mg, povidone iodine 10 % solution bott of 100 ml, cap doxycycline 100 mg, amoxycillin 250 mg + cloxacillin 250 mg tab, tab levofloxacin 500 mg,
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